Boys Summer Camp Activities

We exist for boys as they are so they imagine the men they can become.

What do you like to do for fun? Maybe you like to swim, ride your bike, play sports or just spend time with your friends. When you’re at our camp, you can do all of that and more! We offer a variety of land, water and adventure activities for you to choose from while at camp.  Take a look below at a small sample of the camp activities that we offer at camp.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a challenging, heart pumping, and extremely rewarding activity. We offer the Midwest’s premiere natural rock climbing walls with 85-foot and 60-foot walls, each of natural limestone rock face. From beginners to experts, campers enjoy the challenge and self-esteem building experience that comes with conquering the walls. Whether you have climbed a dozen times before or are putting on the harness for the first time, our experienced instructors will talk you through every step with extreme safety in mind.


Horse Riding

Horse Riding in the Midwest at Camp Kupugani

Horse Riding in the Midwest at Camp Kupugani

We offer English and Western riding lessons.

There are a nice assortment of lesson horses that are quiet, well-behaved, and enjoy their job. Riders learn about safety, care, and correct horsemanship, plus advanced horse care skills including the essentials of feeding, grooming and tacking up the horse, tying knots and saddling. Depending on progression and ability, there are opportunities to trot, post, canter and jump. As campers work together in the barn and on the course, they form a strong bond with the horses and each other–helping to build critical character skills of empathy and trust. Additional fees apply to this activity.



Swimming is always a fun activity on a warm summer day.

Our beautiful 30- by 60-foot fully-staffed swimming pool, located in the heart of camp, is the venue for swimming supervision from our certified lifeguards, fun pool games, and diving from our one-meter board.



River Walks, River Floats, Waterfall & Dam Jumping

A river walk or river float is the perfect activity for cooling off on a warm summer day. During a river walk, campers dressed in life jackets, shorts, t-shirts, and shoes walk the length of the river observing and interacting with the beings that consider the river their home. Campers celebrate the end of a river walk by floating down the river, taking a trip under our very own waterfall, or doing crazy jumps off the dam into our 18-foot deep lake.



Campers having fun during lake play

Campers having fun during lake play

Lake Play

Campers have the opportunity to go dam jumping, swim in the lake or chill on the lake raft during lake play. Whether you’re looking to just soak up some Vitamin D or have fun splashing and playing in the water, there’s surely an option that pleases everyone at lake play. Top

Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding (or SUP, for stand up paddle boarding) is one of the fastest growing outdoor sports around. It’s easy to learn and super fun on the lake and river!  



GaGa is a fantastically exciting version of dodgeball that requires players to hit the ball with their hand or fist (rather than catching and throwing) below the waist of other players. Our GaGa “pit” contains game play, as well as allowing for wall shots, which keep players active and alert…fun! It’s addictive though, so beware…you can’t play just one game!


Crate Stacking

Crate stacking is an extremely fun activity, which tests campers’ balance and coordination, while also requiring teamwork. The object of the activity is to construct a tower of crates while balancing and climbing. Campers enjoy the challenge and self-esteem building experience that comes with trying to climb as high as possible. Our experienced instructors talk you through every step with extreme safety in mind.


9 Square in the Air is an exciting fast-paced game, which tests campers' quickness and reactions at Camp Kupugani

9 Square in the Air is an exciting fast-paced game, which tests campers’ quickness and reactions at Camp Kupugani




9 Square in the Air

Imagine the playground game of 4-square meeting volleyball then played with 9 players at a time! The result is an incredibly fun, fast-paced and addicting game. We play it in the sand just south of our sand volleyball court. Kids and adults alike love this fast-paced game! Top






Test your balance skills by participating in slacklining!

Whether campers have tried it before or are completely new to the activity, it’s a popular event for all. If you’re scared to fall, don’t worry. You can have spotters on either side of you for support as you navigate the line only two feet off the ground. Or, if you’re more daring, try walking the line all by yourself!


Frisbee Golf

Disc golf is always a relaxing way to have fun at camp

Disc golf is always a relaxing way to have fun at camp

We have a fun nine-hole Frisbee golf course.

Frisbee Golf (or Disc Golf) is a fast growing outdoor activity everyone can enjoy. Similar to golf, the object of Disc Golf is to complete each hole in as few throws as possible. Instead of using golf clubs and a golf ball, disc golfers use a flying golf disc to traverse the hole. Easy to understand and play, our Disc Golf activity also allows you to enjoy the beauty of camp, taking you on holes from the valley to the prairies to the stunning Walnut Grove. Fun! Top



Camp White Eagle covers almost 120 acres of beautiful forests and land, containing numerous trails and deer paths that make for a great variety of hikes. Choices range from a leisurely hike through the fields and meadows of camp, to a challenge hike. Top

Challenge Hikes

Campers participating in a challenge hike

Campers participating in a challenge hike

During a challenge hike, campers learn the importance of teamwork and personal motivation, as instructors lead them on a demanding hike through bushes, down embankments, through rivers, and through mud-covered islands. At the instructor’s discretion, some participants may have the test of being blindfolded or physically challenged while other team members safely and carefully guide them through the hike. Top

Night Hike

Have you ever truly had to use your night vision before? Well, at camp you can. On a night hike, camp staff leads you on a beautiful, leisurely hike with only the moon and your night vision leading you through the path. At the end of the path, each camper can lie down on the grassy flats and gaze at the stars blanketing the night sky, listen to the crickets and frogs serenade you, and witness a surrounding firefly display. Top

Group of campers playing mud volleyball

Group of campers playing mud volleyball

Mud Volleyball

Our one-of-a-kind mud volleyball court could serve as an area for a serious game of competitive volleyball, but most of the time, it provides the venue for sticky, muddy, messy fun! Choose this activity and get ready to get dirty! Top





Sand Volleyball

Midwest camp fun with sand volleyball

Midwest camp fun with sand volleyball

Our beach volleyball court allows volleyball lovers to play a rousing game of 2 on 2 up through full 6 on 6 games. As with all of our sports activities, we emphasize sportsmanship, effort, maintaining a positive attitude, developing skills and teamwork, and learning the rules of the game. Top




Arts and Crafts

Within our many different types of craft activities, you can let your creative juices flow or find them for the first time.

A good time making an arts and crafts project

A good time making an arts and crafts project

From candle making to drawing, painting, beading, tie dying, plaster casting or lanyards, there are many craft options available. Be prepared! Campers will have many projects to bring home at the end of camp! Top



Whether you’re canoeing in camp up the Leaf River for an hour, paddling around the lake, or practicing canoe tipping on a sunny day, there’s something about

the peacefulness of the trees, the smell of the fresh air, and the slight sound of a paddle dipping into the water that makes for a wonderful summer day activity. Our canoeing program focuses on teaching campers the fundamentals. We have high-quality 14-foot and 16-foot synthetic canoes. Whether you’re experienced or a rookie, you learn as much as you want to about canoeing. Instruction is focused on teaching safety, strokes, steering and portaging. Campers are also able to canoe for a mile without leaving camp! Top


Free to Learn

Camper enjoying free to learn time

Camper enjoying free to learn time

During Free to Learn, campers have the opportunity to spend some unstructured time in the Walnut Grove.

The concept of Free to Learn incorporates child-directed, mixed-age play, with adults as resources not directors. A great way to foster growth and independence, some campers build forts with friends, while others explore nature, while others make up new adventures. Either way, it’s a time of learning for all! Top



Group of boys biking around Camp Kupugani

Group of boys biking around Camp Kupugani

Using 18-speed GT hybrid mountain bikes, sturdy Trek mountain bikes, and tough BMX-style bikes, our biking program is top notch! There are miles of trails for serious trail blazing and skill development.

As Camp White Eagle is located in the Midwest in the rolling hills of northwest Illinois, campers can bike amidst the beautiful scenery with an experienced staff member. Keeping with our dedication to safety in all aspects of camp, everyone must wear a bike helmet. Campers are provided with helmets and bikes, and must follow camp and state riding regulations. Top


Ecology and Nature

Camper observing and appreciating the behavior of the natural world

Camper observing and appreciating the behavior of the natural world

Nestled in the woods, Camp White Eagle provides a perfect habitat for many animals and plants, allowing campers to observe and appreciate the behavior of the natural world that inhabits our 120-acre facility. Whether you’re walking along one of camp’s many trails, or just sitting down by the lake, beautiful natural sights and sounds surround you. In our nature activity, our instructors teach participants about that beauty by observing it, listening to it, and experiencing it. Campers learn to identify trees and plants, do bird watching and animal tracking (such as deer, foxes, porcupines, skunks, rabbits and chipmunks), and learn about water biology (go snorkeling to find fish, underwater plants, and turtles). Campers also learn about recycling, tree planting, animal care and gardening. Activities such as scavenger hunts for objects in nature, sensory hikes, casting animal tracks with plaster, creating terrariums, and many more, allow campers to learn while having fun. Top


Outdoor Living

One of the oldest camping activities is developing the skills to live and survive outdoors.

Boys enjoying making a campfire during outdoor living

Boys enjoying making a campfire during outdoor living

To a certain degree, all of our campers participate in a wilderness program–learning to live comfortably and safely in our beautiful camp environment. For those campers who are interested in furthering their outdoor skills, we offer instruction covering: compass orienteering, outdoor cooking skills, wilderness safety, shelter construction, camping, and fire building. Campers can also have a chance to use these skills in an overnight campout. Top

Night Beneath The Stars

There is nothing like sleeping directly under the stars. On at least one night during a session, campers get to have a night beneath the stars. After the evening activity, participants return to their cabins, dress to sleep outside, and then bring only their sleeping bags to the rec shelter. Camp staff briefs the group on their plan and answers any questions the campers may have. The group then hikes out to the pre-selected site where campers lie down around a crackling fire and enjoy the stars, a few laughs, and a wonderful night’s sleep in the fresh air. Top

Campfire Programs

Campfires. There’s something hypnotizing about the crackle and colors of each flame. And it’s even more magical when the fire is surrounding by campers singing, sharing their camp experiences, and listening to stories around the campfire. Top


Ready for a game of soccer, touch football, or a cool and refreshing game of water softball? During our recreation activity, campers can compete in their favorite sport or learn new games like Aussie rugby or a variety of other games involving strategy and lots of fun. We emphasize sportsmanship, effort, maintaining a positive attitude, developing skills and teamwork, and learning the rules of the game. Top


A group of campers kicking a soccer ball around the field

A group of campers kicking a soccer ball around the field

Campers can practice their skills or enjoy full field games on our full, regulation-size 100-yard by 60-yard soccer field. Bordering our Pine Forest, the field is also a perfect location to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds camp. Top


High-quality traditional recurve bows are available for campers to test their skill at our different ranges.

Camper testing his archery skills at our midwest summer camp

Camper testing his archery skills at our midwest summer camp

From the 5-yard range up to the 30-yard range, campers learn safety rules and regulations, parts of the bow and arrow, correct stance, breathing, aiming, holding, drawing and releasing. Campers can have friendly competitions, create and use smaller targets, and receive detailed instruction from experienced staff. Top


Chill Time


Campers have the opportunity to just sit back and relax and get some very needed “me time” away from everyone else. With all the activities going on around camp every day, it’s often easy to get caught up in everything and not take time out for yourself. With chill time, campers can choose to journal about their happenings at camp, read a good book, or just sit back and enjoy the sounds of nature! Top

Camper going fishing using a bamboo fishing pole

Camper going fishing using a bamboo fishing pole


Bring your own fishing pole or use one of our bamboo fishing poles to take advantage of the great fishing that you can find down by our fishing pond, river, or lake. Top


Early Bird Activities

Get up with the sun and enjoy a swim in the pool, a hike around camp, or a canoe trip up the mist-covered Leaf River. During an Early Bird Activity, early risers and high-energy campers enjoy the chance to experience an activity in the unique time of early dawn. Our daily schedule combines scheduled group activities and choice periods. Campers choose and sign up for activities, and we re-evaluate our group schedules continually to ensure that all of our campers are focusing on the activities they enjoy and challenge them the most. Campers also participate in evening activities as a cabin or as a camp community, strengthening the bond and friendships between fellow campers and with staff as a whole. Our camp is ACA-accredited; as such, safety is key at all times. In accordance with ACA standards, some activities at camp may have limited space. When campers sign up for their activities, they are asked to list alternate activities, in case their original choice is full. We make every effort to ensure that all campers who wish to participate in an activity get to try that activity at least once. Campers are also required to wear necessary safety equipment for the activities they choose – such as harnesses, life jackets and helmets. In our commitment to safety, the camp provides all safety equipment needed. We also provide all necessary equipment for each activity. However, if you have a favorite fishing pole or other activity item that you want to bring to camp, please feel free to do so! Top

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