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Campamento Kupugani
Campamento de verano multicultural

Make Friends For Life. Safely Celebrate Our Differences. Support One Another. Realize Your Potential. Find Your Fun.

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¿Por qué Campamento Kupugani?

Experience the Safe and Empowering Environment of Camp Kupugani

At Camp Kupugani, nestled near Chicago, Illinois, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our campers above all. Our multicultural summer camp ensures a secure setting for children ages 7-15 for both domestic and campistas internacionales. Our expertly trained staff, selected for their skills in fostering a safe and supportive atmosphere, are dedicated to guiding campers through an enriching journey of self-discovery and growth.

We offer specialized two-week sessions exclusively for muchachas y mezclado (all genders) sessions lasting either two or four weeks, promoting meaningful interactions among all campers. At Camp Kupugani, your child will not only embrace diverse friendships spanning a wide range of cultural backgrounds—including Hispanic/Latine, White/Caucasian, Black/African American, Asian, Indian, Hawaiian, and more—but also engage in a plethora of outdoor activities designed to foster life skills and personal growth. Under the vigilant guidance of our experienced team, campers enjoy an adventurous outdoor environment where safety is seamlessly integrated into the fun and learning. 
Además de nuestras sesiones de campamento de verano para chicas y semipresenciales, también ofrecemos:
Since 1951, Kupugani’s home, Camp White Eagle, has been a sanctuary where children from all races and backgrounds are embraced. This enduring legacy of diversity and inclusion underpins every aspect of Camp Kupugani, offering a safe and nurturing summer camp environment that fosters self-discovery and cultivates a deep appreciation for the natural world.

Tenga su próximo evento en Camp Kupugani

Camp Kupugani / Camp White Eagle está disponible para alquilar a grupos de todas las edades y géneros para diversos eventos, retiros y campamentos. Los programas se adaptan específicamente a las necesidades de cada grupo entrante y las tarifas son razonables y flexibles. Celebre su próximo evento en nuestro hermoso entorno natural, donde nuestro personal profesional y capacitado puede maximizar la experiencia y la seguridad de su grupo en el campamento.

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