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Blended Camp For Adventurous Boys & Girls

Camp Kupugani’s Blended Camp is a welcoming and inclusive multicultural summer oasis for children of all genders, ages 7-15, near Chicago, Illinois. Our camp celebrates the rich diversity of cultures, welcoming kids from various countries, states, and backgrounds to unite in a journey filled with learning about leadership, self-confidence, empowerment, self-image, and conflict resolution, all the while forging friendships and reveling in the joy of summer adventures.

At the heart of Camp Kupugani is our unwavering commitment to safety. We ensure a secure and nurturing space where campers of all genders feel empowered to express themselves, celebrate their individuality, and appreciate the uniqueness of others. Our team is meticulously trained in comprehensive safety measures, including anti-bullying initiatives and emergency protocols, to maintain a safe haven for every camper.

All Camp Kupugani campers are encouraged to dive into a diverse array of activities, from land and water sports to adventurous pursuits, all designed to be enjoyable and safe for all children. These activities provide a platform for campers to develop new skills, challenge themselves and others, and learn valuable life lessons in cooperation and respect, all under the guidance of our compassionate and skilled counselors.

To offer a tailored and impactful experience for each participant, our enrollment is intentionally limited. This ensures that every camper receives the attention and care they deserve in a supportive environment. Secure your child’s spot at Camp Kupugani, register today! 

Blended Summer Camp Details

  • Professional, trained counselors maximize camper development and safety
  • 3:1 Camper to counselor ratio ensures individualized attention for each camper
  • Daily themes promote empowerment and character growth
  • Cabin interactions are single-gender, with outside cabin life consisting of intentionally co-ed interactions
  • Our innovative program addresses issues specific to girls and boys ages 7 to 15
  • Campers can safely learn how to act in real-life co-ed situations
  • Campers live and play with kids from different countries, states, and backgrounds

Benefits of Blended Camp

  • Addressing and combating stereotypical inter-gender dynamics
    • i.e. Day of the Queen Bees, where “traditional” roles are flipped
    • Ensuring every camper has an equal voice regardless of gender
  • Increased “family” dynamics due to a higher percentage of “real-life” siblings
  • Modeling from staff and fellow campers on positive intergender relationships
    • Normalizing interactions with the other gender
  • Fostering learning from others
    • Because boys and girls often deal with disagreements differently (with boys generally more likely to focus on rules, and girls generally more interested in talking through a conflict), campers maximize being well-rounded

Adventure is Waiting

We can’t wait for your child to join us at Camp Kupugani. Check out our blended camp dates and rates to decide which session works best for you. Remember, enrollment is limited so register today.

Learn More About Blended Camp

To receive information by mail, or for any questions at all, please either submit our online Request More Information form, call us at 815-713-4110, or e-mail kevin@campkupugani.com!

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