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Parent-Child Weekend

At Camp Kupugani, our Parent-Child weekend is a special occasion designed for Moms, Dads, and their children to strengthen their familial ties and meet other families. Nestled in a tranquil, natural setting, our weekend getaway is filled with team-building and empowerment activities that honor and enrich the vital parent-child connection. Engaging in fun activities like pool time, dam jumping, and GaGa in a safe and controlled environment ensures that everyone can relax and fully immerse in the joy of bonding.

We warmly invite you to join us for this enriching weekend, a perfect opportunity to celebrate and deepen the parent-child bond. For just $290 per pair ($75 for each additional child), you and your child will partake in a variety of activities, including pool time, canoeing, and team-building exercises, all designed to foster a closer relationship in a protective and supportive environment. Dive into a weekend of meaningful connection at Camp Kupugani, where family bonds are strengthened and cherished memories are made.

Parent-Child Weekend Details

  • August 16-18, 2024
  • Professional, trained staff maximize camper development and safety
  • Instill and reaffirm bonds of friendship and trust between parent and child
  • Parents/children can be either male or female
  • Connect with a variety of parents and children of different backgrounds
  • Parents interact with each other to foster emotional support systems
  • Tons of fun! Never too late for Mom or Dad to go to camp!

View an example of a past schedule.  Also, check out Mother-Daughter Weekend for more fun-filled family time.

Limited Availability!

Registration is limited, so if interested, register online today! If you have a son or daughter aged 4-14 and you’d like to register by phone, receive information by mail, or for any questions at all, please call us at 815-713-4110 or email.

Quotes from Past Parents

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