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Top 10 Expectations of Camp Kupugani Staff

Get ready to facilitate an incredible summer of fun, challenge, and empowerment for our campers and fellow staff!

As a staff dedicated to empowering our Camp Kupugani kiddos, we pride ourselves on creating a safe and welcoming environment for all children to explore new skills and build friendships. Here’s how we expect our staff to do so!

Give it Your All

Camp is for the campers! Do your best to make it great for them.

Lean on Each Other

We are here to support one another! Tempting as it may be to rely on your friends/family back home when you’re feeling something, your summer will be better if you can learn to live in the moment and trust the people around you.

Be Present

Physically, be timely and where you’re expected to be. Also be mentally and emotionally aware while you are with the kiddos.


Songs are a huge part of camp culture and fun! Be an example of how to participate fully and with your own style. (On-key and on-beat is not necessarily a requirement…just enthusiasm!)

Listen Well

Try to understand those around you. This includes recognizing that others may say things that upset you (and that’s okay). Also make space to listen to those who are slower to speak up.

Count Your Kiddos

You should always know how many kids you are responsible for and where they are. There are plenty of hazards at camp for unsupervised campers.

Be Silly!

Camp is only as fun as you make it. Don’t be afraid to act or look a little goofy; we all will be! And that makes the kiddos more comfortable.

Embrace the Woods Life

The bugs (besides mosquitoes) are our friends! Live and let live or live and gently move bugs outside.

Be Intentional About Creating Culture

Kupugani is intentionally different. Use the skills you build during training to foster a culture of kindness, understanding, and appreciating difference. That includes being professional and respectful of the person who is not your bestie.

Take Care of Yourself

You are your own best advocate! Take care of yourself in the ways that you can, and ask for help when you need it.

Sound Fun? Ready To Go To Camp?