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Empowering Summer Camp For Girls & Boys

We’re thrilled that you’re exploring the enriching summer camp programs at Camp Kupugani! Recognizing the importance of summer camp in a child’s development is the first step toward providing them with invaluable experiences of discovery, exploration, growth, and sheer enjoyment. At Camp Kupugani, we’re dedicated to creating not just a fun environment, but a profoundly safe one as well, where children ages 7-15 can flourish.

Our girls-only and blended camp sessions are meticulously designed to foster character-building and enhance life skills, all within a framework of utmost safety and care. We are vigilant in protecting our campers from abuse, bullying, and external threats, ensuring a secure haven for personal development. Our staff, carefully selected and extensively trained, are experts in child safety, emotional well-being, and the creation of a positive, inclusive atmosphere.

Kids love it here…and parents are equally excited about our program. In 17 years of parent surveys, 99% of respondents would recommend our culturally diverse summer camp to friends. In 2023, the overwhelming majority of our parents noted their child improved in:

  • Acknowledgment and Appreciation of Diversity
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Personal Growth and Self-Confidence
  • Positive Self-Image and Empowerment
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Leadership Skills
  • Teamwork

Childhood is indeed fleeting, and the unique benefits of camp experiences are time-sensitive. With limited enrollment opportunities, we encourage you to secure your child’s place at Camp Kupugani by registering as soon as possible. We thank you for considering Camp Kupugani, where safety, empowerment, and fun converge to help kids change their world!

Are You & Your Child Ready for Camp?

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