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Team Building Retreats

At Camp Kupugani / Camp White Eagle, we use engaging experiences to synergize teams. We offer one, two, or three-day programs, each of which is tailored to the needs of the specific organization. All of our team building adventures and activities are designed to help teams overcome the challenges that organizations face in an ever-changing world.

Growing Together as a Team

A group typically goes through five stages: forming, norming, storming, performing, and closure. Our staff carefully guides groups through each stage, showing them how to successfully negotiate the transitions and grow as a team. Our program succeeds because each group progresses through a structured outline of activities. Our facilitators explain the activity, the participants complete the activity, and the facilitator and participants debrief the activity.

In the initial stages, the group learns about the basic goals of team building, the importance of honesty, listening, caring about other individuals, and motivation to interact with everyone on the team. During the middle stages, the group learns communication and trust, problem-solving, and how to turn disagreement into positive team building. In the later stages, the group applies what its members have learned to scenario-driven problems. Groups who excel during the problem-solving activities are tested by higher-level problem-solving activities.

Where is Camp White Eagle?

Outside of our summer camp program, we have a retreat and event venue located two hours west of Chicago, Illinois, in the rolling hills and woods of Northwestern Illinois. Our camp is comprised beautiful woods, trails, a swimming pool, two all-natural rock climbing walls, game fields, and a 5-acre lake for swimming, and almost a mile of canoeing through the property. With 126 acres of forests, wildlife, and wildflowers galore, it offers fresh air, natural water, the robust smell of pure woods and a twinkling night sky.

Sound Fun? Ready To Go To Camp?