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Youth Camp Activities At Camp Kupugani

We exist for boys and girls as they are so they can imagine the people they can become.

At Camp Kupugani, our campers are encouraged to be active outdoors by participating in a variety of fun summer camp activities in group and individual settings. Whether it’s swimming, rock climbing, sports, or just spending time with friends, there is a wide range of activities to choose from!

All campers are eligible to participate in all camp activities (with the exception of our leadership program-specific activities which are limited to campers ages 14 and 15). 

Campers and counselors playing soccer at Camp Kupugani in Illinois.

Camp Activities Schedule

Our daily schedule combines scheduled group activities and choice periods. Campers choose and sign-up for activities, and we re-evaluate our group schedules continually to ensure that all of our campers are focusing on the activities they enjoy and challenges them the most. Campers also participate in evening activities as a cabin or as a camp community. This strengthens the bonds and friendships between fellow campers and staff as a whole.

Safety is Top Priority

Our camp is ACA-accredited; as such, safety is key at all times. In accordance with ACA standards, some of our summer activities at camp may have limited space. When campers sign-up for their activities, they are asked to list alternate activities, in case their original choice is full. We make every effort to ensure that all campers who wish to participate in an activity get to try that activity at least once.

Campers are also required to wear necessary safety equipment for the activities they choose – such as harnesses, life jackets, and helmets. In our commitment to safety, the camp provides all safety equipment needed. We also provide all the necessary equipment for each activity. However, if you have a favorite fishing pole or another activity item that you want to bring to camp, please feel free to do so!

Young white girl wearing a hard hat getting ready to toss a milk crate to another camper at Camp Kupugani in Illinois.

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