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5 Reasons Why Kupugani is worth the investment

At Camp Kupugani, we embrace a purposeful approach to summer camp: intentionally challenging, empowering, diverse, and fun! Our commitment extends beyond just activities; we prioritize creating a safe environment where your child can thrive without worrying about abuse or bullying. Parents consistently report transformative experiences in their children post-camp, noting significant enhancements in:

  • Acknowledgment and appreciation of diversity
  • Self-image
  • Self-confidence
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Empowerment
  • Leadership skills

The return on investment of a Camp Kupugani enrollment significantly enriches your child’s growth. Below are five reasons why you should make the important decision to enrich your child’s psycho-social development.

1. Foundation

Camp Kupugani helps build a character foundation for life, including skills like conflict resolution and comfort with people of varied backgrounds.

2. Education

Your child’s Kupugani education surpasses that found in textbooks, including leadership development and self-awareness.

“I learned things they try to teach you in school: respect, unity, diversity, self-respect, communication, decision-making, and easy conflict resolution. Here they actually teach you those things!”

3. Progression

As society continues to evolve, so will your child’s mindset. Our parent survey responses consistently note improvement in their child’s acknowledgment and appreciation of people of varied backgrounds.

4. Independence

Your child will return with the independence of making their own decisions… and their own bed! Our child and parent surveys regularly express an increase in self-confidence, personal growth, and positive self-image.

5. Impact

Your child will go on to impact the world around them as a Kupugani World Changer! Look out, world!

“Camp Kupugani helped me see that I am beautiful on the inside and out. Because of my time here, I want to teach girls [and boys] that they are strong, independent women [and men] who can change the world.”

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