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Top 10 Typical Staff Experiences

Get ready to enjoy the toughest job you’ll ever love!

As we empower our Camp Kupugani kiddos, our staff also enjoy an environment full of fun, challenge, development, and growth, while gaining new skills and building lifelong friendships. Here’s what usually happens!

Seeing Kids Transform During Camp

At Kupugani, it’s not if campers will change, but how. The how is up to you, and you’ll see the immediate impact you have on many of your campers.

All-Camp Pool Parties

Summer fun incarnate! We love a good pool party with friends, music, and sun!

Having a Camper Open Up to You / the Group for the First Time

Camp gets deep from time to time; it feels so good to be a safe space for your campers.

Day Off Adventures with Other Staff

Whether you go to Chicago or Freeport or just hang out at camp, you’re sure to make some memories on your days off!

When Your Team Makes It Over the Wall

IYKYK (trust us, it’s awesome).

Learning about Other Cultures and Perspectives

If you come with an open mind, you’re guaranteed to leave having learned a lot.

Gaining Confidence in Yourself and Your Leadership Ability

Starting in staff training and continuing throughout the summer, we will help build you up and help you reach your full leadership potential.

Enjoying the Beautiful Nature

The lake, the trees, the animals, and maybe even the bugs! There’s a lot to enjoy!

Making Friends for Life

After a summer of memories, you’ll likely leave with at least one new bestie.

Changing Your World

You will leave camp a different person than you were when you arrived. You’ll have made a huge impact on the lives of your campers and fellow staff, and be more prepared to continue transforming your world at home.

Sound Fun? Ready To Go To Camp?