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Various Fun and/or Informative Camp Quizzes

Are You Ready to Send Your Child to Camp?

See if you’re ready to send your child to camp.

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Is Your Child Ready for Sleepaway Camp?

See if your child is ready to go to camp.

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What Kind of Parent Are You? (And How Does That Impact Your Child?)

See what kind of parenting style you have.

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Are You Culturally Competent?

See if you’re culturally competent.

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Are You a Helicopter Parent or an Empowering One?

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Once you’re done with the quiz (and on a more serious note), below are more questions to consider…

  • Do I feel the need to control all situations my child may encounter? 
  • Do I struggle to set boundaries with my child?
  • Do I provide my child with everything s/he requests?
  • Do I need to control what tasks my child masters?

Remember, you don’t want to be someone who cares “too much” for your child. It is possible to have too much of a seemingly good thing. “When a parent hovers, trying to anticipate their child’s every need, the child may not develop adequate confidence in their own judgment and ability.” (Psychology Today).  

Instead, you want your child to develop independence and be empowered!

“When parents are attuned to their children and clearly convey their caring feelings, children develop the ability to express themselves, to trust and have confidence in themselves and to be comfortable in their own skin.” (Psychology Today)

Positive signs that you are fostering your child’s independent growth:

  • Can I let my child venture on her / his own?
  • Do I set clear expectations of freedom based on my child’s maturity levels?
  • Can I delineate between my worries and those of my child?
  • Do I let my child come to me with his / her issues?

Are You Ready for Mother Daughter or Parent Child Weekend?

See if you’re ready for a weekend at camp.

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Sound Fun? Ready To Go To Camp?