Boys Summer Camp in Illinois

Camp Kupugani is a multicultural summer camp for boys, ages 7-15, located near Chicago, Illinois. At camp, kids from different countries, states, and backgrounds learn about leadership skills, self-confidence, empowerment, self-image, and conflict resolution, all while making friends and having fun! Our boys summer camp sessions have a carefully considered curriculum and professional, trained counselors to help our campers have a fantastic experience.

We exist for boys as they are…so they imagine the men they can become.

Boys Summer Camp Details

  • Professional, trained counselors maximize camper development and safety
  • 3:1 Camper to counselor ratio ensures individualized attention for each camper
  • Daily themes promote empowerment and character growth
  • Innovative program addresses issues specific to boys ages 7 to 15
  • Campers live and play with boys from different countries, states and backgrounds

The Camp Kupugani Mission

Play. Lead. Challenge. Connect. Unite. We empower campers and have fun while doing it! Campers of varied backgrounds live, play, and work together–the best teachers of instilling bonds of friendship and trust. We provide a safe atmosphere where they celebrate and appreciate themselves while celebrating and appreciating others. We give them the tools to maximize their potential. At Camp Kupugani, campers have fun while changing their world.

Our boys-only session, like our girls-only and blended programs, has a carefully considered curriculum and professional, trained counselors to help our campers have a fantastic experience. Our boys do super cool activities—stuff you can’t do elsewhere—like rock climbing, dam jumping, mud volleyball, GaGa, river floating, crate stacking, playing under waterfalls, and much more. You get to explore, get dirty, and live life to the fullest every day! We guarantee good clean fun…well, two out of three anyway!

Our camp focuses on diversity and communication skills in a fun atmosphere, uniting campers of varied backgrounds and providing them with empowerment and community-building skills so that children aged seven to fifteen expand comfort zones and empower themselves. Our boys excel by developing leadership skills that contribute to personal growth; building themselves up and maximizing confidence. They’re challenged and enjoy unparalleled opportunities to grow. Big fun! Big adventure! Big challenge!

We’re confident that boys will leave camp saying things similar to our previous boy campers, such as:

  • “At first I wasn’t so sure about going to camp. I was wrong though. In [a few days] at that camp, my trust level in people went up and my doubts about myself went away. The camp…was clean, living conditions were great, food was good, and overall it was the highlight of my summer.”
  • “Camp Kupugani helped me challenge myself.”
  • “The most important thing I learned at camp was to accept myself and express myself.”
  • “Camp Kupugani helped me overcome my fears.”
  • “The most important thing I learned at camp was the strength of teamwork.”

Our parents are equally excited about our program. From our past nine years of boys parent surveys, 100% of respondents were satisfied with their child’s Camp Kupugani experience, and would recommend our camp to friends. Overwhelming majorities of our parents noted their child’s improvement in:

  • Acknowledgment & Appreciation of Diversity
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Personal Growth / Self Confidence
  • Leadership Skills, and Teamwork

Some examples of what parents had to say include:

  • I think Kevin and Natasha are naturals at this.  They are meant to be around children, help them, build them, care for them and guide them.  As a parent we KNOW our son is in a good place and we don’t need to worry. – Liz S.
  • He really loved his experience! You all did such a great job, he wants to come for twice as long next year and he hopes to be a counselor one some day! – Lisa S.

Are You and Your Child Ready for Camp?

To learn more about Boys Camp, download our Camp Kupugani Brochure. To receive information by mail, or for any questions at all, please either submit our online Request More Information form, call us at 815-713-4110, or e-mail!

We’ve come up with two fun quizzes for you to see if you and your child are ready for camp. Click here to take the parent quiz to see if you’re ready to send your child to camp, and click here to take the child quiz to see if your child is ready to go to camp.

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Kupugani touches on all the core values and enrichment that we hope to instill in our [child]. My husband and I absolutely love Camp Kupugani. Our [child] gained immensely from camp.

Lisa G.

Everyone…was just so, so personable, kind, and the kind of person I want
my [child] looking up to and spending time with.

Laura V.

[My daughter’s] face lights up when she speaks about camp, it’s a priceless experience.

Kenya P.

I have never come in contact with such a wonderful group of people at a camp before. Everyone did an outstanding job, the camp was so organized, it was unbelievable.

Joe M.

She absolutely loves the camp, the staff, and all the friends she makes there. I consider Kupugani to be a big influence in helping her grow and expand her mind each summer.

Luci A.


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