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Another Amazing Two Weeks of Camp

So the sun goes down on another amazing two weeks of Camp Kupugani. The day we have been putting off for two weeks, the final day. But what a great day it was!!!! Our last day kicked off to a great start as the campers enjoyed a morning of team building and conflict resolution skills. With our bellies full of Natasha's homemade farm fresh burgers, we headed out for an afternoon of camptivities like rock climbing, pool, and mud volleyball!!! Campers finished the day with a journey to the final campfire, including a reflective hike down trials and across the river on the two-wire bridge. Campers ...

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Beating the Heat at Camp on the 4th!

Another great day of empowerment. Cool team building initiatives in the morning. A 4th of July picnic complete with banana boats for dessert. Afternoon crate stacking, pool time, drama class, and untalent show practice, followed by more pool time to beat the heat! It was so nice and cool! A fabulous evening meal of corn bread, mac and cheese, and BBQ chicken sandwiches, then to wrap up a fun-filled Fourth, we had the un-talent show and dance...a great end to another great day!...

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Night Under the Stars

Some refreshing morning clouds came through, helping to cool things off a bit, before powering up again for a warm afternoon of fun! We kicked today off with some team building activities, with the afternoon bringing camptivities such as hiking, canoeing, pool, Zumba, and giant-Jenga! The evening activity included a spirited game of Rainbow Tag.Tonight is also NUTS (Night Under the Stars) and it will be nice to have a one-on-one with nature. It's certainly not boring here at Camp Kupugani, where the girls continue to be empowered!...

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!yaD sdrawkcaB (Backwards Day)

Yad SdrawkcaB! Woohoo for Backwards Day! We started out the morning with "Dinner" and the girls were all in their backwards clothes. After teams and "Breakfast", we celebrated Ms. Natasha's birthday in the rec hall! Camptivities today were full of fun and activities...especially the girls who got to create new camp benches in Arts and Crafts! Rounding out the day was our returning camper ceremony...we'd love to see everyone back next year!...

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Super Cabin Sunday

Some nice sunny weather and beautiful blue skies made for a perfect Cabin Day Sunday at camp! We slept in and had a lazy breakfast, took camp photos, and had cabin group picnic time at various (shady) spots around camp, while the girls prepared cabin skits and songs. The fabulous afternoon consisted of watery fun on the flats with canoeing, mud volleyball, dam jumping, and going underneath the waterfall. The girls were decked out in their water bottles and were sure to stay hydrated, especially as they kept their voices fresh for cabin skits and songs earlier tonight. Another great day at camp...

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Scintillating Saturday

Another amazing day at camp, filled with some awesome activities! Morning teams included lifts and lap sits, as well as talking about being PHENOMENAL WOMEN. We had great fun with camptivities, starting out with the annual camper-staff soccer game...resulting in an epic last-minute comeback by the campers to tie the game. The tour of the old schoolhouse this morning was also a success. After an evening of Game-boree, we ended the night with a campfire that focused on empathy :) Another great day spent with empowered young ladies!...

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Fantastic Friday

Blue skies and a fresh breeze, after some welcomed cooling rain today. After waking up to this morning, we loved the breakfast including sausages and French Toast and juice. Energized for the day, the campers moved on to their team activities on a day focusing on positive self-image (and no mirrors!). The LITs visited some seniors at a local senior center with the seniors enjoying the girls' conversations and songs! This afternoon had camptivities including pool, crate stacking, aerobics, mud volleyball, and shrinky dinks in arts and crafts! Another great day!...

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I’m Alive, Awake, Alert, Enthusiastic

I'm alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic...I'm alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic! Goooood morning folks! The weekend is nearly upon us, as is the heat we have been expecting and looking forward to as a reason to do even more water activities! Adrienne's currently on a secret mission to cover the mirrors at camp so the ladies can feel empowered and recognize that inner beauty is of critical importance....

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Hot Fun in the Sun at Camp!

Announcement time...announcement time...listen to Kupugani, it's announcement time!!! It's Thursday already? Wow, camp is going so fast! Early bird nature walk was lovely and peaceful, and there is already talk about who is going where for activities this afternoon...looks like water activities will be popular today as the temperature keeps on rising! Well, team time has started, so I'm off to enjoy the girls empowering themselves in the morning with stand-ups and leans!! Yaaaaaay camp!...

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Another Great Day at Camp in the Books!

Hello hello! Another awesome day at camp--amazing weather, with the girls shining like the hot sun!! A productive morning was spent learning about conflict resolution; the girls used great "I statements". Pool time, crate stacking, fishing, tie-dye, and challenge hike comprised the fun afternoon activities, and then Natasha made a great dinner of mac and cheese, rice, barbecue chicken sandwiches, and cornbread...yum! Well, the campers have been sleeping for a while, and it's getting time for me as well, night folks speak to you all tomorrow. Hey Ho, Kupugani's got soul! G'night! xxx...

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Camp Kupugani has been named one of the 50 Most Amazing Summer Camps for Kids.

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I have never come in contact with such a wonderful group of people at a camp before. Everyone did an outstanding job, the camp was so organized, it was unbelievable.

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She absolutely loves the camp, the staff, and all the friends she makes there. I consider Kupugani to be a big influence in helping her grow and expand her mind each summer.

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