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Liquid Sunshine to Start Our Blended Session!

Woo hoo! The 2019 blended session has begun. Campers arrived early Sunday afternoon in pouring rain. We started with a potluck. Then a welcome circle introducing campers and staff. After the welcome circle, campers moved into the cabins and said goodbye to their families. We had some quality cabin time then we had spaghetti for dinner. After dinner we played games as a group out of the rain in the Rec Hall. We finalized the day with a campfire, on the porch. Lemonade out of lemons (not literally)!

!9102 Yad Sdrawkcab

We started off Backwards Day 2019 with our goodnight song. Then we had chicken and waffles for dinner. After dinner we had a Super Challenge Hike. The teams crossed the river on a two-wire bridge, trudged over treacherous terrain, then (attempted to in some cases) create a fire to cook a hot dog lunch, and made rafts. After returning from the challenging journey, the campers enjoyed a well-earned Siesta before camptivities. For the first camptivity, some explored the schoolhouse, some did archery, and some played 9-square, while some did horseback Read more…

Terrific Tuesday – June 26, 2019

A quiet morning at the breakfast table this morning as the 14-year-old campers were off on their trip. Today we had muffins all the way from England for breakfast. After breakfast we did our chores and then we split off into our teams. Lots of team building today. After team building we had lunch–hot dogs. Then Siesta before an afternoon full of camptivities. For the first session we had bench painting and nature houses in arts and crafts, as well as crate stacking, rock climbing, and horse riding. After that Read more…

Making the Most of Monday Morning

Monday blues aren’t a thing at camp.  Some morning rain definitely can’t dampen our spirits. After a hearty breakfast of pancakes and cereal, we had everything we needed for awesome team building time. Then how cool was our time in Free to Learn you ask? Super cool! We got to build forts and play dominoes all down in our favorite Walnut Grove. After Free to Learn, we headed off to the dining hall for lunch–Natasha’s delicious Sloppy Joes (with locally-raised beef). Then we headed to the cabins for Siesta. After Read more…

Quality Cabin Day!

Our quality cabin day can truly be described as quality. We all know the day is off to a great start when, after a sleep in, we have donuts for lazy breakfast, for which we can also attend in our PJs. Next up was our morning circle, camp pictures–all fabulous of course–who knows how we will choose our favorite. Afterwards, the campers enjoyed a cabin hike with a picnic lunch (yum), where they also created their own songs and skits to preform later in the evening in the Rec Hall. Read more…

Superhero Saturday!

Many capes were flying at this morning’s community gathering circle on Superhero Day! We had coffee cake for breakfast, along with eggs. After breakfast we did camp chores then split up into our teams for more team building activities. Then we had some morning camptivities: pool, slacklining, and disc golf. We had tuna melts for lunch and then went to the cabins for siesta. After siesta, we had another camptivity: biking, fishing, lake play, and pool. Then La Tienda. After La Tienda we had an all camp soccer game! (Sadly, Read more…

Friday Fun!

Today we had waffles for breakfast. After breakfast we did camp chores and then teams. After teams we had Free to Learn. Then we had hamburgers for lunch and received mail, yay! After lunch we had a siesta, with an option to learn about sex and sexuality. In the afternoon we had camptivities: cooking with Tash, challenge hike, and horse riding. Then we had La Tienda time followed by another camptivity–with another challenge hike, bench building in arts and crafts, and the social justice track. We returned to the cabin Read more…

Another Day of Growth

Woo! Another great day at camp! We started the day with our morning circle. We had French Toast for breakfast. After breakfast, we did camp chores, and then teams. We did many different activities in teams including a favorite, Zip Zap Zop. After Teams, we did Nature Search and Swatch. We had chicken sandwiches for lunch. Then siesta and another afternoon of camptivities. We had rock climbing, tie-dying, crate stacking, sand volleyball, archery, and gaga. We cleaned up for a dinner of tater-tot casserole. For evening activities we did RoShamBo Read more…

Wacky-Tacky Wednesday!

It’s wacky-tacky Wednesday!  Today, we showed off our crazy hairstyles.  We had bagels for breakfast.  Then we did morning chores.  After that, we split up into our Teams for more team- and self-empowerment activities.  Then we had our first Free to Learn time down in Walnut Grove.  MacNCheese for lunch.  Then we had Siesta time, followed by some camptivities, yay!  Some campers did archery.  Some went fishing.  While horse riders did their thing.  We had our La Tienda time then another camptivity with the options available being pool, river walk, Read more…

Not Quite Taco Tuesday…But Enchiladas!

Today, we had pancakes for breakfast.  After breakfast, we had some team building and then Camptivities.  Some people fished, some did arts and crafts, and some played 9-square, even besting camp director Kevin, denying him his 9-square throne.  We had hot dogs for lunch and got mail, woo!  After siesta, we had more camptivities–cratestacking, riverwalking, rock climbing, canoeing, pool, and a challenge hike.  We cleaned up after a busy day and got ready for dinner, enchiladas!  After dinner, we played Diversity Bingo then went to the cabins for some cabin Read more…

A Great First Full Day of Boys Camp

It’s been a busy day here at Kupugani. We had muffins all the way from England for breakfast, as well as eggs, bacon, and cereal.  After breakfast, we split into teams for a variety of introduction and team building activities.  Then we played an all Camp Gaga game as a whole group (Kevin came so close to being a champ), before heading off to lunch where we had sloppy joes.  After a relaxing Siesta, we had swim evals, then La Tienda, then an all camp Pool Party!  Natasha’s delicious chicken Read more…

A nice first day for boys session

Woo hoo! The 2019 camp season has begun! Our boys-session campers arrived early this afternoon, enjoying a fun potluck. Then we had our welcome circle introducing our fantastic campers and families. After the welcome circle, the campers moved into the cabins and said goodbye to their families. We had a delicious spaghetti meal for dinner from the fabulous Miss Natasha. After dinner, we played some big group games on the top field, before ending a great first day with a campfire. Go Kupugani boys! 

Kupugani touches on all the core values and enrichment that we hope to instill in our [child]. My husband and I absolutely love Camp Kupugani. Our [child] gained immensely from camp.

Lisa G.

Everyone…was just so, so personable, kind, and the kind of person I want
my [child] looking up to and spending time with.

Laura V.

[My daughter’s] face lights up when she speaks about camp, it’s a priceless experience.

Kenya P.

I have never come in contact with such a wonderful group of people at a camp before. Everyone did an outstanding job, the camp was so organized, it was unbelievable.

Joe M.

She absolutely loves the camp, the staff, and all the friends she makes there. I consider Kupugani to be a big influence in helping her grow and expand her mind each summer.

Luci A.


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