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Cabin Sunday Funday at Girls Camp

It’s Cabin Day! Today the campers woke up on Top Field after NUTS (Night Under The Stars) and headed to the dining hall with their cabin mates for a lazy breakfast of donuts, cereal, and yogurt. After breakfast, we gathered for Morning Circle and took camp pictures. For lunch today, the cabins hiked to different parts of camp and took sandwiches and chips with them to have a picnic. During their lunchtime, each cabin worked on a cabin song and skits and performed them on stage in the rec hall after dinner. Cabin activities today were cabin choice and not regular camptivities–to help the campers and counselors bond. Camptivities included playing card games, games, bracelet making etc. and were spent outside as a group. The second camptivity was spent as a whole camp–waterfront activities! Mud volleyball, dam jumping, waterfall, river stomp, and lake play were on the agenda on a sunny, warm Sunday. The campers headed up for a delicious dinner of Mimmo’s pizza followed by ice cream sandwiches on Sundae Sunday! The evening activity had the cabins performing their skits and songs for the whole camp in the Rec Hall. Overall, it was another great day at camp!!

“My kids won’t stop talking about all the cool things they did, the friends they made, and how badly they want to return next year to Camp Kupugani.”


“Our kids have been growing, learning, and enjoying themselves at Camp Kupugani since 2007. The dedicated and diverse leadership and staff provide a safe, encouraging, well-rounded, and valuable experience for campers. Campers learn from and with each other how to value differences, create meaningful connections and thrive.”


“This camp is amazing and exceeded my expectations. I went for a Mother / Daughter Weekend to reconnect with my daughter and we did that for sure. Thank you Camp Kupugani! My daughter loved it so much we immediately signed up for the 2-week girls-only session for the following summer.”


I love camp because it is a safe place to be myself without being criticized for it.”



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