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6 Ways to Avoid Punishing Children for Being Human

At Camp Kupugani, our premier Midwest summer camp (near Chicago), we treat our minor campers with the same respect we treat our adult co-workers, friends, or family.  A recent article by the folks at Creative Child brought to light that children are sometimes “Punished for Being Human.”  As part of intentional empowerment process, we do not solve problems for our campers; we support them to handle situations at their maturity level.  A well-intentioned parental mistake is for one to tell a child, “Stop crying, you are fine!”  This can apply to a hurt limb or hurt feeling. How we m...

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13 Ways to Help Our Children Be More Patient and Less Lonely

At, Camp Kupugani, our multicultural overnight summer camp in the beautiful Midwest (and close to Madison, WI, and Chicago, IL), helping our campers feel connected and cared for are top priorities. We do this by facilitating children’s spending time being electronics-free, connecting with peers from different backgrounds and age groups, and enjoying unstructured time in nature.  A recent article from Your Modern Family discusses why our children are less focused and more lonely; bullets below, and the rest of the article here. Let kids be bored! Boredom helps your child ponder creat...

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10 Reasons Pre-Teens Need Less Social Media

Here at Camp Kupugani, our multicultural overnight summer camp about two hours west of Chicago (and less than 90 minutes south of Madison, WI), our campers appreciate the importance of tech-free time. They do this while at camp (and hopefully carry the momentum) to apply this when they get home. There was a recent article from TODAY Parenting Team community discussing why middle schoolers don’t need social media. Check below for bullets and see the full article here!  Social media was not designed for children. Snapchat, Instagram all were originally designed for adult use. ...

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7 Tips to Maximize Your Well-Being

At Camp Kupugani--our multicultural summer camp near Chicago--we’re all about having an awesome life! Each camper and staff member is charged to be their best, striving to live a good life. When coming across this blog post about how to live a long, awesome life, we thought it was cool to summarize and share.  Bullets below, with the full article here (from the folks at Barking Up the Wrong Tree). Each one of these 7 steps constitute something that you can start today. Follow that step for two weeks, add on the next, and continue until you are working on all 7 steps! Exe...

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Good Intentions & Bad Ideas Setting Up for Failure

At Camp Kupugani, our overnight Midwest summer camp (located two hours west of Chicago), we empower our campers to be independent both at camp and home. While reading a book called Coddling Of the American Mind, camp director Kevin Gordon came across some interesting excerpts. Read below for some ways we as parents inhibit our children's ability to fend for themselves. Check out the book’s website for more details by clicking here. We should allow our kids to struggle on their own and avoid trying to “fix” or “manage” everything for them. “So many teens have lost t...

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10 Ways to Ease the Homework Struggle with your Child

At Camp Kupugani, our overnight summer camp in the beautiful Midwest (just two hours northwest of Chicago), we recognize that great campers often make great students, who often become great adults.  As child development professionals, we recognize that it’s sometimes a challenge to navigate the craziness of parenting! A recent article from the Washington Post elucidated some of the challenges and proposed ten ways to take the struggle out of homework. Kids procrastinate or shut down because they fail to see the relevance of a task, prefer other distractions, or struggle with comp...

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Empowering Children to Minimize the Potential of Abuse

Unfortunately, child abuse occurs with unnecessary frequency in the U.S.  A video recently aired reporting sexual abuse at American summer camps. We are concerned to hear of child abuse and appreciate courageous children who report abusive treatment.  Indeed, as stated in the video, “parents need to do the work, have the conversation with your children, and be aware.” Our number one priority at camp is the safety of each child.  Below are just a few ways we protect your children while at camp and some family resources to minimize the potential of abuse. Minimizing the potential of chil...

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Takeaways from iGen

Kevin Gordon, Director of Camp Kupugani in Leaf River, IL--located two hours west of Chicago--recently read Jean M. Twenge’s iGen: Why Today's Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy--and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood--and What That Means for the Rest of Us. We recommend this book to any parent or potential parent that is struggling with: “When (or should) does my child get a smartphone?”; or “How much daily screen time should my child have?”; or “What harm does excessive screen time do to my child’s social, emotional, and mental well b...

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4 Ways to Find Your Meaning in Life

At Camp Kupugani, our multicultural summer camp in Leaf River, IL. two hours west of Chicago, we believe that each person deserves to be happy.  Indeed, if you could find a way to give your life meaning, you would be happier; we try to empower each camper to find what makes them happy and go for it.  A recent article from the folks at Barking Up the Wrong Tree speaks to this topic. See below for our summary and click here to see the full article. “There’s no shortage of tips about what brings happiness, but what gives your life meaning?”  “Meaning in life” is one of those thi...

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8 Fun and Easy Ways to Bond with Your Child

At Camp Kupugani, our multicultural overnight summer camp in the Midwest (in Leaf River, IL, two hours west of Chicago and 75 minutes south of Madison, WI), we are all about parents having positive connections with their children. Connecting with your child can sometimes be hard.  Sometimes you might feel compelled to focus on teaching them “life lessons” and less just enjoying your time with them. Well, you can have both!  Bullets below from a recent article from iMom, with the full article available by clicking here.  Find a “fishing hole” (or other natural spot) Plan a d...

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Camp Kupugani is one of the 50 Most Amazing Summer Camps for Kids

Camp Kupugani has been named one of the 50 Most Amazing Summer Camps for Kids.

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