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8 Social Awareness Tactics to Make You a Better Leader

At Camp Kupugani, we operate our Midwest summer camp (near Chicago and Madison) and focus on helping our campers maximize their social awareness. We want our parents to be the best they can be as well. Here is an article on maximizing one’s impact on others. Read our take below and check out the full article here about social awareness.

  •  Understand what it means to listen
    • Actively listen to the speaker
    • Avoid making assumptions before hearing the person’s full story
  • Repeat what was said
    • Repeat it back to help the person feel heard
    • Repeating it back helps you capture the details
    • Use “I hear you saying…”, or “ I understand”
  • Pay attention to the tone of voice
    • The tone makes a huge difference
    • Notice the energy of the speaker
      • Do they seem excited to share?
      • Do they appear apprehensive?
  • Watch facial expressions and body language
    • It is harder to hide feelings in body language
    • Use this to gauge whether it is a good time to talk with this person
  •  Keep a finger on the pulse of the office
    • What is the mood of the office?
    • What is the pace of the office?
      • A fast-paced office is not always healthy
  • Notice the details
    • Be present in the office
    • Ask questions about your employees 
  • Avoid the “drive-by”
    • Look for cues to see if it is a good time
    • This can help keep things efficient by not slowing down your employee
  • Stop taking notes
    • You can miss things while writing
      • Social cues may go unnoticed
    • This gives you a chance to refocus the conversation

Source Article https://www.insperity.com/

Kupugani touches on all the core values and enrichment that we hope to instill in our [child]. My husband and I absolutely love Camp Kupugani. Our [child] gained immensely from camp.

Lisa G.

Everyone…was just so, so personable, kind, and the kind of person I want
my [child] looking up to and spending time with.

Laura V.

[My daughter’s] face lights up when she speaks about camp, it’s a priceless experience.

Kenya P.

I have never come in contact with such a wonderful group of people at a camp before. Everyone did an outstanding job, the camp was so organized, it was unbelievable.

Joe M.

She absolutely loves the camp, the staff, and all the friends she makes there. I consider Kupugani to be a big influence in helping her grow and expand her mind each summer.

Luci A.


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