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5 Ways to Establish Rituals That Will Make You Happy

At Camp Kupugani, our overnight summer camp that offers girls-only, boys-only, and blended (intentionally co-ed) programming, we want everyone to be reaching their happiness quotient every day. We strive each day to offer activities at camp that every camper will like. A recent article describes five rituals that will make you happy. Check out our bullets below and read the full article here about establishing rituals that will increase happiness.

  • Challenge Unhelpful Thoughts
    • Is the thought you are having helpful?
    • Happiness is not determined by money, family, or being famous; instead, it is thought-based.
    • Listen to your thoughts, but don’t always believe them.
    • Avoid Black and White Thinking
      • Not everything is one or the other,
      • Your thoughts are the same.
    • Unrealistic Expectations
      • Make realistic goals for yourself.
      • Setting unrealistic expectations is a good way to mess with your happiness.
    • Selective Attention
      • Focus on positive thoughts more than negative.
      • Happiness can be a matter of perspective.
    • Disqualifying the Positive
      • Appreciate the positives.
      • Don’t focus too much on what needs to be fixed.
    • Predicting the Future
      • Try something even though you may not be feeling super positive about it.
      • Don’t count yourself out before you try.
    • “Should” thoughts
      • Remove the word “should”.
  • Do More Stuff
    • Being active takes away chances to get negatively introspective.
    • Pick something that matches these categories
      • Enjoyable stuff, 
      • Achievement stuff, 
      • Meaningful stuff,  
      • Physical stuff, 
      • Social stuff
    • Putting things on a calendar can make them a priority.
  • Get Social
    • Define your support group.
    • Socializing is a two-way street.
    • Share respectful/consensual physical contact with people.
    • Break ties with people who are not helpful to your well-being.
  • Slay Unhelpful Habits — Gently
    • No self-criticism; instead, self-reassurance
      • Think more about your positives than negatives.
      • “Beating yourself up won’t make you better. Liking yourself will.”
  • More Gratty-tood
    • Think about what matters to you and remind yourself to be thankful for those things.
    • Take action that shows your gratitude:
      • Write a thank you letter; 
      • Verbally express your gratitude;
      • Give that person a small token.


Source Article: https://www.bakadesuyo.com/

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